The Technologies employed in Metrology and CAD/ CAM are:

  1. Optical
  2. Acoustic
  3. Ultrasound
  4. Vibration
  5. Nanoelectronics and Nanomagnetics etc.
  6. Mechatronics.
  7. Inline/ Online technologies for inspection.

It's the technology behind the quality assurance processes in manufacturing that ensure your car runs the way it should, your computer's processor works properly and many more aspects of daily life that most of us take for granted-until something goes wrong. In manufacturing, hundreds or thousands of parts are produced each week. Most of these are produced by machines that are programmed by operators. And in modern manufacturing, every one of these parts must be produced to precise specifications to ensure a quality finished product.

Over time, the machinery that produces these individual parts can shift slightly, become dull, or lose alignment in a way that causes problematic differences. That's where metrology comes in. A Quality Control Inspector, a metrologist, or a machine operator with metrology experience can take the parts that have been produced and ensure they meet the specifications required for the finished product. If the measurements are off, the machines can then be adjusted to bring the parts back into spec.

As quality demands have continued to increase, one of the challenges has been that the human eye is incapable of measuring with the precision necessary to produce the highest quality parts needed. In industries where precision is important, like automotive, aerospace, technology and more, metrology technology like Coordinate Measuring Machines have been adopted to make measurements to within a millionth of an inch.

The widespread adoption of precision metrology in the automotive industry is one reason you can count on cars to last longer than they used to.

At one time, owning a car that lasted 100,000 miles was an accomplishment. Now, it’s pretty common for cars to last 200,000, and even 300,000 miles and still be going strong.

This huge increase in quality is due to automotive manufacturers paying close attention to every part that goes into the car you drive, and making sure those products fit together exactly right, every time one comes off the assembly line. These advances have been made possible by metrology technology.

Automation technology is driving Aerospace technology and Aerospace Technologies are driving medical technology and medical technology is driving miniature technologies.