Engineering Metrology is the use of Measurement Science in Manufacturing. The study of metrology is highly valuable for the students and practitioners, specifically from mechanical and allied engineering stream. For a product to be successful, it needs to be manufactured according to drawing and CAD/CAM specifications, otherwise heavy costs are incurred to comply with the specifications in the later stage. Also, the role played by measurements in the day today life makes it essential to study metrology. This course is designed to impart the knowledge to develop measurement procedures, conduct metrological experiments, and obtain and interpret the results. A laboratory demonstration are also induced to enhance the learning process. The course would be useful in many areas in the traditional and modern high technology viz. manufacturing, industrial, scientific research, defense, and many others.

Engineering takes input from Science and provides products and services as output.

Thanks to Engineering. Today, Science is used for many practical application solving. Engineering is not only used to engineer a product or service but also used in maintaining the product, Calibrating the produst.