Metrology and Measurement system analysis (MSA) is the important criteria in Metrology. Metrology enables us to know the accuracy of measurements and to ensure common standards are used. In science this means we know whether an experiment actually proves what it appears to prove or whether the result could be due to inaccuracy in a measurement. In manufacturing it means we can make parts which fit together and perform as they were designed to. In trade it means we know how much of something we are actually buying.

The various analysis associated with Metrology are:

  • Uncertainty of measurements
  • Confidence in measurements
  • Calibration and traceability
  • Measurement systems analysis (MSA)
  • Accuracy, precision and trueness
  • Gage R&R studies
  • Decision rules

Between design stage and manufacturing stage there is a stage for design validation. CAE plays a very important role in this case.

Technical Details:

  • FEA
  • FEM
  • CFD