Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

G-STEAM is a daughter Company of Geo Informatics. Geo Informatics is a Industrial Organization specialized in High precision 3D and 2D Metrology, QC domain. We are equipped with following products and services:

Blue Light Scanner from Hexagon, Germany

Hand-held Scanner from ZG Technologies, China

Portable CMM from Metronor, Norway

Vision Measurement Machine from Micro Vu, USA

Articulated Arm from Hexagon, USA

Gap & Flush Gun

2D Automated Balloning and Inspection Plan Creation Software from HIGH QA, USA

3D & 2D Inspection Software (Polyworks) from Innovmetric, Canada


Height Gauges

Vernier Caliper

Geo Lab from G-STEAM:

  • Learn everything and anything in the field of dimensional Metrology.
  • Learn basics to advanced level of engineering drawing.
  • Learn fundamentals of GD&T.
  • Learn the relationship of design-production-inspection- QC.
  • Learn the methods of knowing 3D and 2D inspection.
  • Learn the concept of tolerances, deviations, Go or No-Go, professional inspection report creation.
  • Learn 3D measurement machines:
    1. CMM: Coordinate Measuring machine.
    2. VMM: Vision Measuring Machine.
    3. Blue Light Scanner System.
    4. Laser Scanner.
    5. Hand held Scanner.
    6. Portable Coordinate measuring machine.
    7. Gap & flush measuring machine.
    8. Seal Gap measuring machine.
    9. Profile measuring machine.
    10. Contour tracing machine.
    11. Surface roughness measuring machine.
    12. Surface finish measuring machine.
    13. Last but not the least first principal methods like Vernier Caliper, Radius Gauge, Height Gauge, Screw Gauge, Filler Gauge etc.

Job Opportunities for above training:

  • Quality Control department of any manufacturing Company.
  • QA department of any Company.
  • R&D department of any Company.
  • Standard room.
  • Tooroom.
  • Shop floor Quality management.
  • VQA - Vehicle Quality Assurance, VCQ- Vehicle Quality Control.
  • Company’s vendor selling above equipments.
  • Companies in maintenance and calibration of above equipments.
  • All OEM’s like Maruti, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Volkswagen India, BMW etc. etc.
  • MNC’s in the field of Aerospace, Medical, Design.
  • Govt. & Defense Sector like PSU’s (BHEL, BEL, BEML., etc, etc.), Army, Navy, Air Force.
  • Universities.
  • Design Houses.
  • Tech Centres.