G-STEAM India's Initiatives

Forming Greenpower India (www.greenpowerindia.info) in collaboration with GREENPOWER-UK (www.greenpoweruk.co.in)

  • Creating Various Training modules - based on Industry's input and different University Syllabus
  • Bringing the concept of GEMBA (Japanese word for Workplace) learning - Gemba (or Genba in Japanese) is a Japanese term meaning " the actual place". In quality management, Genba means the manufacturing floor and the idea is that if a problem occurs, the engineers must go there to understand the full impact of the problem, gathering data from all sources.
  • Explanation of Difficult technical concepts through live projects
  • Forming GREENPOWER-INDIA, in collaboration with GREENPOWER-UK to bring Project Based Learning
  • Interacting with Various Industries and collaborate with them for Guest Lectures, Internship, Final Semester Projects for Students
  • Establishing "Technical Centers" and /or arranging components to equip laboratories in Engineering Colleges
  • Arranging donations / sponsorships of bright needy engineering college students