Advantages for Industries

  • Trained Manpower, ready to gel with Industry Culture
  • Increase in Industry Interactions by conducting Guest lectures by Industry professionals in Educational Institutes
  • Industry should also know there are advantages of employing fresh mind, mouldable material, young generation with energy and ideas. But G-STEAM polishes these ideas, make them more mouldable, train them and make them employable.
  • Companies can do Contract with G-STEAM and Geo Informatics for supplying regular trained manpower, engineers for fulfilling any gap.
  • G-STEAM can do training to their GTE's, existing employees on Geo domain.
  • Training on-the-job is surely most important but at times training outside Organization is also important. G-STEAM can play a bigger role in this.
  • Today's industry is "Knowledge based Industry". We can provide knowledge from one Company/Industry to other for the advantage of all.
  • Industry can short-list candidates after 7th semester and the Industrial training during 8th semester can be conducted at GICPL on CAD training and Metrology. Thus the training period at Industries can be reduced.
  • The students can also work on a live project of the respective Industries, either at Industry premises or at GICPL, under the guidance of G-STEAM / Greenpower.