Engineering Drawing Training

Why thorough knowledge of 2D Drawing is important for Industries?
2D drawings are the back-bone of any Manufacturing. Quality control, Maintenance, New Product Development, even for awarding contracts to Vendor for outsource manufacturing. Reading drawings and using them for day to day work is as important for Mechanical Engineer as a Stethoscope for a Doctor. To manufacture or fabricate any part, 2D drawings are essential, which can be read by any concerned. The most important feature of any engineering drawing is GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance). All the machining processes, toolings, jigs & fixtures etc. are decided based on the GD&T. Apart from that, Bill of Material (BOM) is prepared based on the drawing, which is used by other concerned departments like Quality, Purchase, Spare parts, Engineering etc.

Details of the Training

  • Title Block and Parts Lists
  • Functional, Non-functional and Auxilliary dimensions
  • Notes related to Safety & Critical items in the drawing, including material information, heat treatment, surface treatment etc.
  • Advance training of 2D drawing handling including advance GD&T
  • Understanding 2D from the perspective of precise inspection.
  • Study of physical component and its drawing
  • Concept of tolerances
  • Importance of Datum
  • How to read a drawing along with a physical component

Duration of Training: 10 days

Learning outcome for students:-

  • The purpose of this training is not to teach how to make a 2D Drawing but to use a 2D Drawing, how to read a 2D drawing.
  • The Trainees will understand the key points to be followed for a manufacturing drawing
  • The necessity of various dimensioning methods
  • Safety & Critical dimensions in a drawing
  • GD&T features of Drawing
  • Various material used and their relevant standards
  • Standards for open tolerances